The Deserve Mobile App uses 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) to verify and secure you account on first and suspect Sign In attempts.

To set up 2FA, simply sign into the Deserve Mobile App by providing your account credentials and selecting Sign In.

At this point, a prompt for 2FA configuration may appear. You will have the option of receiving a code via:

  • SMS

  • Phone Call

  • Email

Select whichever method your prefer and proceed by entering the code which is delivered to you when prompted.

After setting up 2FA, a PIN code will need to be assigned to your account. This PIN code will be used to access your account when signing in via the Deserve Mobile App, rather than having to enter your account credentials every single time. 

Set you PIN code by entering a desired 4 digit combination twice, and selecting Next.

After a PIN code has been set, you will be taken to your Deserve Dashboard to use or manage your Deserve Mastercard.

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