For customers that previously had an active line of credit open with SelfScore, you were most likely migrated to a Deserve card in the Summer of 2018.

The reasons behind this change was two-fold:

Here's a couple of quick facts about this migration:

  • Be sure to activate your new Deserve card as soon as it arrives

  • The Deserve card will have a different card number and expiration date from your SelfScore card

  • The Deserve card will replace your SelfScore card. Once it has been activated, the SelfScore card will cease to work. Use your Deserve card moving forward

  • If your new Deserve card is not activated by August 15th, it will cease to function

  • This will replace SelfScore when reported to Credit Reporting Bureaus and will not show up as a separate line of credit

If you happen to have any issues with this migration or with activating your new card, don't hesitate to reach out!

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