To add a payment to make payments on your Deserve Mastercard, first you'll need to log into your account by visiting:

Enter your Deserve Account Username and Password and select Log In.

You may be required to complete a second verification of your account aka: Two Factor Authentication

After successful log in, your Dashboard will present a few options regarding payments:

  • Setup AutoPay, 

  • Manage Payments

  • Make a Payment

Select Make a Payment, then from the next screen select the Payment Sources Dropdown and select Manage Payments. Or you can directly go there by visiting the following link:

On the next screen, select Add New Account

From here, you can directly connect to a bank account by selecting or searching for your bank and successfully logging in. Alternatively you can also add a routing and account number or a debit card as a valid payment method.

Note: It costs us $2 to make a payment with an on file debit card. Therefore, when making a payment with a debit card, you will see an additional $2 fee associated with the payment.

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